Experience Öland

Welcome to experience Öland, the most beautiful island in Sweden!

Fundamentally different

Öland’s landscape is full of nuances and offers something for everyone. Today, Öland is all about flavours, relaxation, activities, storytelling and meeting people on an island which is fundamentally different. We embrace our uniqueness and our particular geological conditions which have left their mark on everything and everyone. We hope you will feel this too when you visit our fantastic island.

Cows may be just that little bit lovelier, farmers and shop assistants slightly more cheerful, and camping staff a bit more attentive than usual. This is what our guests tell us anyway. And we know that the quality of life on Öland plays an important role. We are privileged to be able to experience the magical light, the fresh winds and the special fragrances of Öland every day of the year. It definitely has an effect on those who live here. It makes us a little warmer and a little more down-to-earth. And of course it will spread to those who visit our island, and make them feel very welcome.

StrandNära – located on the south part of Öland

The islands cycle and walking path passes just outside our garden and just minutes walk from StrandNära lies Kalmar Strait and its shallow beach. Haga Park as you can see from the beach is a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing. At a certain distance, it alsoallowed for dogs to take a bath. If you have an interest in golf, you should try one ofÖland’s 11 golf courses. Four of them are within a radius of 4 mil from near to the beach.

Stora Frö, a small typical, idyllic village with a pottery and a Herb Garden – a delight for those who are interested in life’s aromas and flavors. For anyone who is interested in birdsand bird watching can be reached in the bird room Beijershamn for ten minutes by foot.Just above Beijershamn is also good fishing water for those who are interested in fishing.For scenic experiences the world heritage Alvaret is offering a unique flora and fauna atclose distances from us.