Our history, us & our dreams

Anno 1926 – our History

The history of the picturesque Pensionat Sandbergen began in 1926, the same year as the first dance took place at Sandbergens Dansbana. What is today one of Öland’s oldest preserved guest houses was ready to welcome the first guests only a few years later. At that time it was a woman from the other side of the strait, Julia & her two daughters, with a café down in the town of Mörbylånga and rooms for travelers in the old city of Kalmar, who built & owned the guest house. The summer guests came by ferry from the mainland, to visit the island.

The guest house had its own car with a driver who picked up the guests at the ferry next in the harbor of Färjestaden, north from Stora Frö. The driver took them around the island and showed the guests what that time had to offer. There were many wealthy ladies who stayed at the guest house during the early 1930´s. Mr Olgärde played beautiful notes on the black piano in the dining room during the evenings. In each room stood a beautiful porcelain dish & a porcelain jug. The stories are many and long about the old guest house, it was a well-visited and popular destination.

”Collect happy moments – not things”

About us

Today, we, Erica & Mikael Anerhaf, owns and runs StrandNära. Our history with the company starts in the fall of 2007. Then 25 years old with no money or significant life experience. Mikael studied last year on the maritime academy to become a sea captain and did his master thesis at the same time. Erica took her master of economics degree just a year earlier and took a leave of absence from her position as commercial manager at IKEA. We were stubborn, energetic and we really wanted to succeed. It was a tough trip, first to persuade the banks to give as a full loan, then to start a total renovation in February 2008 and be able to open up only a few months later to host the summer guests.

The name StrandNära aims for its unique location, authenticity & scenic golden edge. Our philosophy is characterized by long-term sustainability and a beautiful future. StrandNära is our little heart, this is where our dreams come true & we love to do what we do. StrandNära makes our life rich of happy moments. All the great meetings with people from all over the world. For us, the most important thing is that we and our fellow human beings feel good, healthy and lucky. Together we make new history.

We want to take the opportunity to welcome you warmly to our little StrandNära & we hope that you will enjoy yourself as well as we do!

Thank you!

A warm thank you to all of you who believe in us, support us by coming here, to all the wonderful guests that make us feel so good & make it possible for us to continue our dream with StrandNära!

Erica & Mikael Anerhaf, owner since October 2007