The organic menu at Eco by StrandNära

We believe in simple and honest food where the vegetables has an important role.
We believe that a humble relationship with nature’s resources gives us an opportunity to create a beautiful world for future generations, therefore we cook our food exclusively from organic, Swedish ingredients with a lot of love & care.

Our vegetables comes mainly from Solmarka Biodynamic Farm. Meat and fish are organic and KRAV-labelled, all our meat comes from Swedish KRAV-labelled farms and meadows and from Swedish forests and mountains, from farms and nature that contribute to the vital diversity!

StrandNära has been KRAV-certified since 2009.
At least 95% of the total purchase value of food consists of KRAV-labelled/EU organic/MSC-labelled products.

Here at StrandNära, it is the farmer’s harvest that determines what is served on the evening’s menu, the dishes can therefore vary from day to day.

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Choose between 2 or 3 courses | 2: SEK 500 | 3: SEK 620

All dishes are prepared with organic ingredients.
Please ask us about content and allergens and we will help you the best possible way.
If you have food allergies, remember to let us know when you order which dishes it apply to.

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O R G A N I C  S U M M E R  M E N U

S T A R T E R S :

Variation on sun-ripened tomato from Solmarka Gård, tomato & basil cream, roasted croutons with Öland rapeseed oil from the, tomato water & fresh basil from the kitchen garden.
Recommended wine: Huia Hunky Dory Organic Sauvignon Blanc, Nya Zeeland,

Carpaccio on confit beets from Solmarka Gård, fresh cream with summer herbs from the kitchen garden, green shoots & lettuce leaves, roasted hazelnuts, elderflower vinaigrette, goat cheese.
Recommended wine: a Serra Chardonnay, Tomàs Cusiné, Katalonien, Spanien,

Ceviche on cold-smoked sliced ​​cod from the Northwest Atlantic, cucumber, pickled mustard seeds, ribeye, fennel, apple & crispy salad
Recommended wine: Huber Kontrast Natural Wine, Österrike

M A I N S :

Wild-caught KRAV-labeled cod loin from the Arctic Ocean, lemongrass confit primrose carrots with Öland cold-pressed rapeseed oil, variation on fennel, sandefjord sauce, trout roe
Recommended wine: La Serra Chardonnay, Tomàs Cusiné, Katalonien, Spanien

KRAV-labelled roast beef from Solmarka Gård, warm spring salad with beetroot,
lemon & tarragon mayonnaise, mustard
Recommended wine: Quercialbella, Chianti Classico, Toscana, Frankrike

Green frittata with chickpeas, zucchini, mustard greens, lemongrass confit carrots with Öland cold-pressed rapeseed oil, beluga lentils, roasted hazelnuts, aged Almnäs Tegelost
Dryckesförslag: Sepp Moser Astral Muskat Ottonel, Naturvin, Österrike

Wine & cream-boiled blue mussels with fennel & onion from Solmarka farm, fresh summer herbs from the kitchen garden, green herb mayonnaise and roasted levain from Ekenäs Artisan Bakery
Dryckesförslag: Sepp Moser, Riesling von den Terassen, Kremstal, Österrike

D E S S E R T S:

Semifreddo with espresso & chocolate, milk chocolate cream, roasted white chocolate,
almonds & oats, caramel with rosemary
Recommended wine: Sepp Moser Pinot Blanc Beerenauslese

Summer dream on plant-based meringue, white chocolate & lime cream, bee pollen,
sugar preserved berries, rosted zucchini seeds

Three kinds of cheese, marmalade on our own blackberries, honey from Korpskogs Bee Farm, roasted nuts & sourdough crackers
Dryckesförslag: Acinatico Recioto della Valpolicella